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About Us - Jadranka Srpak & Prima Vita l.t.d.

About us – basic information about the company Prima Vita d.o.o. and company founder Jadranka Srpak

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Jadranka Srpak

Who am I? A woman, a mother, an entrepreneur… sounds shabby, I know, but it really is. – Jadranka Srpak begins her story.

Jadranka Srpak

Founder Prima Vita d.o.o.

How did my entrepreneurial story begin?

My husband had major health problems with his spine. Every spring and fall he would end up on two weeks on sick leave. In bed, on blockades and physical therapy. I was in a high stage of pregnancy when spring arrived and he was “stuck”. I barely put him in the car and drove him to the roadblocks. Then I said, “Well, that’s enough, we have to find a permanent solution. I have to do something! ”And then I became an entrepreneur.

See the full text of this entrepreneurial story on the page How much do we care about health?

Prima Vita d.o.o. has been in business since 2012

PrimaVita d.o.o. operates in these turbulent times with oscillating successes. In the process, we adapt to the changes that are happening at high speed in society and in the market. We believe in our products and the need for people to make their daily lives easier through improved health.

Satisfied customers confirm that we are on the right path, but also the fact that there are already several attempts to copy our products.

We have registered the stabilization and sitting mats that have a common denominator in maintaining the posture of each individual from 7 to 107 years of age in an individual way as an innovation in the Croatian database of ideas, inventions and innovations from Croatia, Genius Croatia.

PRIMA VITA d.o.o. za proizvodnju, prodaju i usluge,

Brezovec Zelinski 19: Donja Zelina 10382;

MBS 080797866, Trgovacki sud u Zagrebu;

share capital HRK 20,000.00 paid in full,

board member Maja Srpak;

OIB 85704554004;

MB 2876825; o.r. 92/3103;

Project Influence of ortho sand seats on postural control of adolescents project cover page

The beginning of the work is based on scientific research

Confirmation of whether the idea itself is of sufficient quality to establish a company and start production, was also sought from experts of various specializations and expertise.

Jadranka Srpak, in collaboration with scientists, launched three different scientific studies, the results of which were to be a landmark for the future.

KB Sveti Duh approved the research and the Croatian Association of Physiotherapists HZF under its auspices made a medical scientific study that confirmed the effectiveness of the stabilization base for ankle injuries.

Conducted studies:

Project Influence of ortho sand seats on postural control of adolescents

Outcomes of physiotherapy programs in people with sprained ankles

Study of stabilization of lower extremity joints

After the studies showed satisfactory positive results, we started mass production of tested products and creating satisfied customers, whom we helped to improve the quality of everyday life.

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