Good sitting secret

The secret to good sitting is in proper relationships and maintaining a straightened spine

The correct position of the spine is the ideal neutral position where the least stress is achieved on the spine and surrounding structures. In this position, the person is in a state of optimal balance, and thus affects the optimization of pulmonary respiration and circulation of body fluids.

an example of good sitting

Positions of individual body parts at the correct position of the spine

The pelvis should be placed at a slight forward angle, creating a slight internal curvature of the lumbar spine (lumbar lordosis). This stimulates a slight external curvature of the thoracic spine (thoracic kyphosis) and an internal curvature of the cervical spine (cervical lordosis) thus creating the appearance of a double letter S.

The ideal position of the spine is reminiscent of a new spring by absorbing the forces acting on it, which is one of the forms of protection of the spine.

The knee level should be slightly lower than the hip level. If there is a possibility, we can optimize the seat angle of the chair.

The feet should be the entire surface on the floor or on the mat.

The chin should be slightly pulled back, never forward. This has probably been experienced by many of you, especially at the end of the work day.

The shoulders must be comfortably stretched backwards, in line with the cervical spine, and not in a forward position.

Improper position of the spine when sitting

back pain

Poor postural position can also lead to painful muscle tension along the spine and shoulder girdle muscles, neck pain and headaches, and irreversible consequences such as deformation of individual vertebrae into a wedge-shaped formation resulting from prolonged pressure.

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