How much do we care about health?

How much do we really care about our health?

Brave innovator Jadranka Srpak asks the right question: How much do we really care about our health?

Who I am? A woman, a mother, an entrepreneur… sounds shabby, I know, but it really is. – Jadranka Srpak begins her story.

How did my entrepreneurial story begin?

My husband had major health problems with his spine. Every spring and fall he would end up on two weeks on sick leave. In bed, on blockades and physical therapy. I was in a high stage of pregnancy when spring arrived and he was “stuck”. I barely put him in the car and drove him to the roadblocks. Then I said, “Well, that’s enough, we have to find a permanent solution. I have to do something! ”And then I became an entrepreneur. – he says cheerfully and continues his story…

I researched the symptoms, causes, reasons, place to sleep, sitting…. and concluded that it was time for an individual to choose an ergonomic mattress that would best suit the way you sleep and build. Oops, new “problem”! How to choose the right bed? There is so much on the market and everyone says “our mattress is the best!” How to choose…? So you find out what all this means HR, PU, ​​HQ, XVY …… In the research of materials I was helped by people with twenty years of experience in technological preparation and production of mattresses. And so I chose the best materials on the market and made a mattress to my liking! With all the necessary certificates and certificates of material quality.

When looking for suitable materials from the EU factory, they sent me a core that met the specifications, but due to the specifics of the compression, it could not be used for a mattress. But my husband’s physiotherapist, who was surprised that he was gone in the fall or spring of therapy, recognized the benefits of my research and the core, and referred me to the most recognized master of physiotherapy for proprioception.

He was delighted with the possibilities, and suggested that we do a study and test the effectiveness of the substrate. KB Sveti Duh approved the research and the Croatian Association of Physiotherapists HZF under its auspices conducted a medical science study that confirmed the effectiveness of the foundation for stabilization in ankle injuries, and published the work and presented at the International Congress of Physiotherapists.
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Testing and rehearsing the substrate for various purposes, we noticed that it gives comfort and more correct posture during prolonged sitting.

Then, in cooperation with KB Sv. Duh, HZF and Vrapče Secondary Medical School launched a new medical health project in which high school students participated. The project confirmed that in addition to the comfort of long-term sitting, it allows children to hold more properly and have less back pain.

Jadranka Srpak with a birch in the background - how much do we care about health?

We have registered the stabilizing and sitting mats that have a common denominator in maintaining the posture of each individual aged 7-107 in an individual way as an innovation in the Croatian database of ideas, inventions and innovations from Croatia geniuscroatia -sand-seating-bases / Seeking support and investors who would recognize product quality, business opportunity and a way to reduce one of the biggest health and economic problems of today LONG-TERM SITTING.

All studies, all research, production, participation in congresses and making contacts is financed from own funds. However, we did not find understanding because, as they say, IT innovations are required, and the prevention and health of these same IT professionals did not find their fans in co-financing and further promotion and research.

I addressed all possible institutions, HAMAG, the Chamber of Commerce and Business Angels, the Ministry of Education, asked for incentives as a woman entrepreneur, wrote projects, applied for EU funds… Concluded cooperation with hospitals, clinics, private practices…. Sold through recommendations and modest advertising because there are no investments that could cover the costs of production, marketing, new research, congresses…. And the salary? Not to mention her. In order for the salary to be paid, I would immediately put it as a loan to the company so that I could continue working. But I don’t give up because I know I have something that everyone needs, something that is valuable and improves the quality of life!

Together with Dr. Resandić from the Center for Preventive Medicine at the Institute of Public Health A. Štampar, I prepared a project for the Ministry of Health to promote health in the workplace with long-term sitting and how with my pad and exercises in the workplace we can do a lot for ourselves and your health. Spinal problems are not only a health problem but also an economic one, because due to long-term pain and illness, we lose self-confidence, efficiency and, not infrequently, job loss. So my commitment makes sense for the future of each individual!

The importance of lifelong learning and perseverance despite challenges! How much do we care about health?

With all the challenges of entrepreneurship, rejection, playing without borders with the system, copying ideas and trying to achieve them, investing absolutely all financial resources in business, I enrolled in management studies at the European Business School to better master the knowledge and skills of running, manufacturing, promoting and marketing.

They recognized my persistence and quality as well as the quality of the base and its effectiveness and enabled me to present the product and project together with Vrapče Medical School and HZF at the International Education Week in front of all principals and pedagogues of primary and secondary schools in Croatia! Because, as the defectologist said, “This is the seat pad with which I finally managed to put the children in the right position!” This is something that all schools and parents should be familiar with! ”

But the CORONA has arrived and like all events, the International Education Week is on hold…

In order to shorten the waiting time and new opportunities for growth and development, I decided to use this time to “refresh” web sites and set specific goals.

I use my isolation time creatively and prepare for a new performance!

Until then, look at the way you sit, how children sit when solving online tasks, and remember that there is a way to improve your quality of life and stay healthy in the long run.

Martina roller relax
Martina semi roller relax
roller attached to the chair

Education is important! My personal position is that in addition to educated young people, we need to create healthy, able-bodied and happy individuals!

Good luck everyone and stay healthy! – says this valuable innovator, whose recommendations we should all take seriously and ask ourselves what we are doing to the pillar of our body? Especially those of us who spend many hours at the computer.

For more information, visit until the PRIMA VITA website is refreshed.

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And finally once again: How much do we really care about our health?

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