Innovative seating products

Innovative seating products registered in Genius Croatia

Innovative ORTO sand seating products are registered in Genius Croatia, the Croatian database of ideas, inventions and innovations.

In cooperation with physiotherapists, ORTO sand PADS products for ergonomic sitting have been designed and medically tested with proven effectiveness on a more correct posture and reduction of back pain. As innovative products, we have registered them in Genius Croatia, the Croatian database of ideas, inventions and innovations. Medical scientific research was conducted at the High School for Nurses, under the auspices of KB Sv. Spirit and in collaboration with the Croatian Association of Physiotherapists.

ORTO sand PADS for ergonomic seating adapt perfectly to the warmth and weight of the body with the feeling of sitting on a sandy beach. In combination with the lumbar roller (semi-roller), they support the spine and ensure its correct position when sitting.

ORTO sand seating mat is intended for everyone who spends a lot of time in a sitting position at work, learning, driving and those who have health problems (hip surgery, postoperative procedures, hemorrhoids, etc.), as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. They facilitate long-term sitting and have a preventive effect on the health of the spine.

Prolonged sitting has become a growing problem in the modern world to such an extent that the measure of preserving health has been included in the Occupational Health Protection Act with the aim of preventing occupational diseases. Therefore, with the slogan “For a successful job and a comfortable life”, we have designed how to help all those who can not choose a chair on which to sit to have an ergonomic seat!

ORTO sand Seat pads

  • designed to support office chairs and cars
  • the unique seat design allows the seat to be constantly adjusted to the movements during the day
  • active spine when sitting
  • ideal for pupils and students when learning and working on a computer
  • intended for all persons who spend a lot of time sitting
  • working concentration is higher by 80%
  • one can sit for much longer
  • provide microcirculation of blood and lymph from the pelvis to the leg
  • no tingling in the legs, no tingling, no pressure on the pelvic and occipital bones
  • has anti-decubitus properties for wheelchairs, seat cushions provide the necessary pressure relief
  • of great help to pregnant women, mothers and menstrual cramps
  • prevent the formation of hemorrhoids

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Genius Croatia
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