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Improper sitting at school

pad for sitting in the office example

Every other person working in the office has problems caused by prolonged sitting. Whether it is pain in the back, neck, stiffness in them or poor circulation, it is true that we often have to work and sit for a long time, but because of this there are ORTO sand seating pads.

  • active spine when working in a sitting position
  • followed by the inclination of the body, the spine is in the correct position at all times, which strengthens and improves the muscle tone of the back, which is the basis for a healthy back.
  • the unique pad design allows the seat to be constantly adjusted to movements during the day •
  • ideal for working on a computer
  • working concentration is 80% higher
  • one can sit for much longer
  • provide microcirculation of blood and lymph from the pelvis to the leg
  • no tingling in the legs, no tingling, no pressure on the pelvic and occipital bones
  • alleviate the situation with hemorrhoids


All drivers with a little effort can do a lot for their health.

Proper sitting position, which directly affects the health of the spine, is important for safe driving.

Proper positioning would mean that the spine should be leaning against the backrest of the seat along its entire length. A quality seat certainly alleviates the consequences of prolonged sitting, and each seat can be ergonomically adjusted to the driver with the ORTO sand RELAX seating pad. The pad is very easy to put on the seat and enjoys the ride…

Improperly adjusted seats and steering wheel also cause incorrect body position to which the driver gets used, and will certainly cause discomfort.

car seat pad example
disabled in wheelchairs on the beach announcement
  • Easy to handle and carry, has a handle for easy carrying
  • Meets specific seating needs and unique body shapes.
  • Dimensions 40 x 40 x 10 cm
  • Cover made of sterile washable material at 95 ° C or in high-quality breathable fabric, washable at 30 ° C (according to the customer’s wishes and needs)
  • The pillow is made of special HQ foam, which adapts to the user’s build
  • The thermoactive foam adapts to body temperature and thus to the contour of the body, thus increasing the seating area
  • Reduces pressure on exposed bony protrusions (occipital and pelvic bones)
  • It is suitable for active wheelchair users due to its pyramidal shape
  • Breathable, pyramidal cores allow air to circulate to the skin surface

Learning, having fun, hanging out and making friends are what we remember most about school. In a series of things that greatly determine the future life of children, many forget just – proper posture and sitting.

Children spend a large amount of their childhood in school, the way they sit in their benches affects their success and posture for life.

Due to more and more school obligations, but also the use of computers that require sitting, children spend more and more time sitting. The human body was created for movement, so students get tired of sitting.

Doctors point out that proper or improper sitting affects the lives of children in many ways, even through success in school. If they sit uncomfortable or cannot change body position for a long time, the effort is much greater. Fatigue, exhaustion, and consequently poorer concentration in school and poorer school performance occur quickly.

students text announcement
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