Improper sitting at school

Improper sitting in school causes poorer success in school
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Whoever sits properly while studying, the spine does not bother him !!! 

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For a young organism that needs movement for proper growth and development, the greatest effort is rest.

Learning, having fun, hanging out and making friends are what we remember most about school. In a series of things that greatly determine the future life of children, many forget just – proper posture and sitting.

Children spend a large amount of their childhood in school, the way they sit in their benches affects their success and posture for life.

Due to more and more school obligations, but also the use of computers that require sitting, children spend more and more time sitting. The human body was created for movement, so students get tired of sitting.

Doctors point out that proper or improper sitting affects the lives of children in many ways, even through success in school. If they sit uncomfortably or cannot change body position for a long time, the effort is much greater. Fatigue, exhaustion, and consequently poorer concentration in school and poorer school performance occur quickly.

The school, especially adolescent group of children is the most vulnerable because the body develops more, and that the most natural position in which the student must endure for a long time causes fatigue, so the most important thing is to allow students to move regularly and change body position. Students should be encouraged and enabled to engage in daily physical activity.

Research in collaboration with the Croatian Association of Physiotherapists and Vrapče Secondary Medical School showed that students who used ORTO sand sitting mats in combination with a (semi) roller have a more correct posture and less back pain.

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Seating pillow ORTO sand RELAX

Price  75,52 €  –  569,01 kn

Height 5 cm. This seat adapts perfectly to heat and body weight. In combination with the lumbar (semi) roller, it perfectly supports the spine and ensures its correct sitting position.

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