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Office seating mats on office chairs
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Office chair support pads are needed in many offices that do not have quality (and expensive) ergonomic chairs.

back pain in the office chair - Office seating mats

Every other person working in the office has problems caused by prolonged sitting. Whether it is pain in the back, neck, stiffness in them or poor circulation, it is true that we often have to work and sit for a long time, but because of this there are ORTO sand seating pads.


  • active spine when working in a sitting position
  • followed by the inclination of the body, the spine is in the correct position at all times, which strengthens and improves the muscle tone of the back, which is the basis for a healthy back.
  • the unique pad design allows the seat to be constantly adjusted to movements during the day
  • ideal for working on a computer
  • working concentration is 80% higher
  • one can sit for much longer
  • provide microcirculation of blood and lymph from the pelvis to the leg
  • no tingling in the legs, no tingling, no pressure on the pelvic and occipital bones
  • alleviate the situation with hemorrhoids
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Did you know that the average office worker sits at a desk for more than 80,000 hours during their working life?

During prolonged sitting, the torso, spine, muscles and discs have to do a great job of holding the body. If we take a bad posture every day, there is inevitable pain and tension in the back and back of the head.

Numerous studies have shown that, in addition to heavy physical work, spinal injuries occur when performing administrative work.

Such damage has become the most common office-related health problem in Europe, costing more than € 135 trillion a year across Europe. Good office chairs are the foundation of health and quality of work!

An office chair that does its job well must be ergonomically designed and adapted to each user, which means that it must have a mechanism for adjusting the height, depth and inclination of the seat, a mechanism for tilting the backrest according to weight, a mechanism for adjusting armrests, lumbar support part of the spine, as well as the possibility of adjusting the headrest. The surface of the seat should be anatomically shaped and the upholstery sufficiently resistant and non-slip.

But the problem arises when we are not able to change the chair at our workplace because we “inherited” it. Which is the case in over 90% of jobs.

That is why there are ORTO sand seat pads that in combination with the lumbar (semi) roller give an ergonomic seating position no matter what chair we have in the workplace!

pad for sitting in the office example

Seating pillow ORTO sand COMFORT

Price  86,14 €  –  649,02 kn

Height 10 cm. Ideal for tall people and people with injuries or hip surgery (raises the seat).

As the spine is a pillar of our body, and our body is created for movement, prolonged sitting not only impairs the health of the spine but also the health of the whole body. Knowing that each spinal nerve originates from each vertebra, which directly affects a certain organ to which it is connected, and that if there are functional disorders of certain parts of the spine, various pathologies are created, we will keep in mind that we sit as well and comfortably as possible.
Did you know that the appearance of acne, allergies, menstrual disorders or a drop in immunity is affected by the health of the spine?

Office chairs that we use in the workplace, and which do not meet ergonomic conditions, only further aggravate the pathologies, pain and stiffness we feel every day. Improper sitting does not only cause pain. It also causes cellulite. This is an additional reason for women to be careful with the way they sit.

The application of ergonomic rules in arranging the workplace results in increased productivity, improved health, increased job satisfaction and quality of work, less waste of time and sick pay.

Optimal work results can only be achieved if we come to work rested and have individually adjusted working conditions.

A gray haired man is sitting at a desk in a chair with a pad

Seating pillow ORTO sand RELAX

Price  75,52 €  –  569,01 kn

Height 5 cm. This seat adapts perfectly to heat and body weight. In combination with the lumbar (semi) roller, it perfectly supports the spine and ensures its correct sitting position.

proper and improper sitting in the office
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