Ortho sand seat mats

For a successful job and a pleasant life !!!
pad for sitting in the office example

For sitting without back pain …

…. sitting with a feeling of comfort, as if sitting on a sandy beach…

Often at work we cannot choose what chair we are sitting on, but we can turn every chair into an ergonomic seating area using the ORTO sand anatomical seating pad.

They are made of thermoactive HQ memory foam, special recipes.
They have an easily removable cover.
It does not contain dyes that cause allergies.
Passed the incombustibility test.
Wear> 100,000.
Upper / lower fabric composition: 88% polyester, 12% nylon / 90% polyester, 10% cotton.

The seat mat adapts perfectly to the heat and weight of the body. In combination with the lumbar (semi) roller, it perfectly supports the spine and ensures its correct sitting position.

The anatomical sitting mat is intended for everyone who spends a lot of time in a sitting position at work, learning, driving and those who have health problems (hip surgery, postoperative procedures, hemorrhoids, etc.), as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. They facilitate long-term sitting and have a preventive effect on the health of the spine.

A gray haired man is sitting at a desk in a chair with a pad

Seating mats

  • designed to support office chairs and cars
  • the unique design of the seat allows the seat to be constantly adjusted to the movements during the day
  • active spine when sitting
  • ideal for pupils and students when learning and working on a computer
  • intended for all people who spend a lot of time sitting
  • working concentration is 80% higher
  • one can sit for much longer
  • provide microcirculation of blood and lymph from the pelvis to the leg
  • no tingling in the legs, no tingling, no pressure on the pelvic and occipital bones
  • has antidecubital properties for wheelchairs, seat cushions provide the necessary relief of pressure
  • of great help to pregnant women, mothers and menstrual cramps

There are three types of ORTO sand anatomical seating mats, which in combination with the lumbar (semi) roller provide an ergonomic seating position, and complete protection of spine health:


Seating mats of three types

Seating pillow ORTO sand RELAX

Price  75,52 €  –  569,01 kn

Height 5 cm – intended for everyone; schoolchildren, drivers, sedentary workers and ideal for lower and older people who have a limited range of motion in the lower back

Seating pillow ORTO sand COMFORT

Price  86,14 €  –  649,02 kn

Height 10 cm – ideal for tall people and people with injuries or hip surgery (raises the seat)

Seating pillow ORTO sand PROFI

Price  94,76 €  –  713,97 kn

Height 10 cm – ideal for comfort and elevation of seating, and wheelchair (comfort of sitting without pressure)

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