Seat mats while driving

Driving seating pads make long rides easier and protect your spine

Driving seats – a product of Prima vita d.o.o. 

The topic that is not talked about enough is the long sitting behind the wheel. Topics on proper office sitting are covered in detail, but…. what about drivers? Miles and miles of road, hemorrhoids, then miles of road, then back pain….

All the rules about the importance of spine activity when sitting in the office also apply to cars. Drivers also cannot choose what kind of seat they will find in the truck when the x-kilometer route awaits them and how they will endure long sitting.

Working conditions affect the health of workers. Health, in turn, is reflected in work. As for the truck driver, the working conditions themselves are not the best: constant vibrations transmitted to the body, noise, work in shifts, lack of peace, irregular meals, strenuous sitting during long journeys. Being in shape is a special challenge for drivers of trucks, buses, taxis, which are limited in many ways.

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All drivers with a little effort can do a lot for their health.

Proper sitting position, which directly affects the health of the spine, is important for safe driving.

Proper positioning would mean that the spine should be leaning against the backrest of the seat along its entire length. A quality seat certainly alleviates the consequences of prolonged sitting, and each seat can be ergonomically adjusted to the driver with the ORTO sand RELAX seating pad. The pad is very easy to put on the seat and enjoys the ride…

Improperly adjusted seats and steering wheel also cause incorrect body position to which the driver gets used, and will certainly cause discomfort.

a male person drives a personal car

1. Seat adjustment

For starters, the seat should be wider than your hips and long enough to support your hind legs, but short enough not to interfere with the “work” of your knees while driving. It is recommended that the distance between the knees and the edge of the seat be 2-3 inches.

2. Everything must be at your fingertips

You should be able to touch the pedals and everything you need on the control panel without stretching. If your steering wheel is so far away that you have to stretch your arms, you could suffer from shoulder pain.

3. Pay attention to the back of the seat

The back of the seat should support the entire length of the spine and should not be higher than the shoulders so as not to disturb your view. If your car does not have the option of adjusting the seat, place it in a place where your spine does not touch the seat lumbar (semi) roller S

4. Measure the distance of the pedals

To find the ideal distance, experts recommend that you place your buttocks as deep as you can into the seat, and from that position your knees should be slightly bent when you put your foot on the pedal.

5. Adjust the inclination of the body

Adjust the body tilt so that your elbows are slightly bent when both hands are behind the wheel.

6. Adjust the headrest

The armchair should be adjusted so that its top is flush with the crown. Keep it 2 cm away from the head.


Seating pillow ORTO sand RELAX

Price  75,52 €  –  569,01 kn

Height 5 cm. This seat adapts perfectly to heat and body weight. In combination with the lumbar (semi) roller, it perfectly supports the spine and ensures its correct sitting position.

a male hand on the steering wheel of a car
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