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Anti-decubitus cushion – wheelchair seat – ORTO sand PROFI 

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ORTO sand PROFI anti-decubitus adjustable pillow allows you to change the position during the day according to the needs of daily activities. 

Wheelchair seat anti decubitus cushions
  • Easy to handle and carry, has a handle for easy carrying
  • Meets specific seating needs and unique body shapes.
  • Dimensions 40x40x10 cm
  • Cover made of sterile washable material at 95 ° C or in high-quality breathable fabric, washable at 30 ° C (according to the customer’s wishes and needs)
  • The pillow is made of special HQ foam, which adapts to the user’s build
  • The thermoactive foam adapts to body temperature and thus to the contour of the body, thus increasing the seating area
  • Reduces pressure on exposed bony protrusions (occipital and pelvic bones)
  • It is suitable for active wheelchair users due to its pyramidal shape
  • Breathable, pyramidal cores allow air to circulate to the skin surface

Unlike airbags, there is no valve failure and the need to control the cushioning of the cushions and therefore their efficiency is far greater than others on the market.

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Seating pillow ORTO sand PROFI

Price  94,76 €  –  713,97 kn

Height 10 cm – ideal for comfort and elevation of seating, and wheelchair (comfort of sitting without pressure)

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