Stabilization substrate balance

Lower extremity stabilization pads ORTO sand STEP

Balance pads work quickly and effectively against pain in muscles, joints and spine.

There is a flat (milder) and profiled (more unstable) base.

ortho sand step flat and profiled
ortho sand step flat and foot

Innovative Croatian product!

Presented for the first time at the International Congress of Physiotherapists 07.-10.06.2012. in Varaždin. Examination conducted at the Clinical Hospital Sv. The ghost.

The results indicate the need for use in stabilization programs after lower extremity injuries.

The study was signed by: Katarina Ivanković, bacc. physioth., Nevenka Poje, bacc. physioth., Sanda Dubravčić – Šimunjak, prim. dr. med., Marin Hitrec, bacc. physioth., prof. dr. sc. Marija Graberski Matasović, prim. dr. med., Antun Jurinić, bacc. Physioth

ORTO sand STEP stabilizing pad is great for everyday use:

  • increases foot flexibility
  • improves stability and balance
  • improves microcirculation of feet and legs (reduces cramps)
  • accelerates recovery from foot and ankle injuries
  • provides tightening of leg muscle and tissue structure
  • provides functional strengthening of the soft tissue of the foot
ortho step with legs

Maintaining the balance substrate

Cover maintenance instructions

Wipe the cover occasionally with a damp cloth and, if necessary, remove and wash with a mild detergent.

Knitted polyurethane coating. The material is treated against burns, bacteria and mold. The appearance of the material and the waterproofing property did not change even after repeated washing.

Lining: 100% polyester; Coating: 100% polyurethane

-5% per base, -5% per pot

Drying in the oven and sterilization at 134⁰C -5 min.

cover maintenance markings

Core maintenance

The core of ORTO sand STEP must not get wet, avoid the proximity of stronger heat, chemicals and liquids, and prolonged exposure to stronger sunlight. The core may change color but this will not affect the functionality of the product. The core is made of special thermoactive HQ foam, and can be hard in the cold, while at room temperature it acquires its ergonomic properties.

As this is an innovative product, it is difficult to compare the feeling of exercise with something similar, but we will try to give you a first impression:

Since it is made of thermoactive foam that reacts to body heat and weight, as soon as we step on the ORTO sand STEP balance base, the heels begin to sink slightly into the base itself and gravity “pulls” us back. In order to maintain balance (as if we are falling on our backs) we need to lean forward slightly. At that moment, we begin to feel that the feet are “buried” like sand, there is a stimulus to the receptors of the feet and at the same time you gently massage them, which of course makes you comfortable. The ankles stabilize at that point, as do the knees, and we strengthen all the surrounding muscles. We feel the complete back structure of the legs stretch, across the buttocks, down the back all the way to the cervical spine. Maintaining balance, we stand in the correct position, we improve blood and lymph circulation. For a stronger impression you just need to close your eyes ☺.

You can use watching your favorite TV series to massage your feet, strengthen muscles and improve circulation.

For a personal first impression feel free to contact us, visit, try and order.

In addition to the stabilization base, there are also recommended exercises by physiotherapists.

ORTO sand STEP stabilization base in physiotherapy is used by all physiotherapists and medical staff who have patients with proprioception problems, ankle injuries, knees and the like, immediately after stroke (neurological needs), but also athletes and sports associations. Retirees for active aging, children for proper posture.

ORTO sand STEP flat

Price  86,14 €  –  649,02 kn

ORTO sand STEP profiled

Price  94,76 €  –  713,97 kn

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