Neck and back pain

Neck and back pain

What to do with neck and back pain?

Neck and Back Pain – Many people don’t realize that if they have neck pain, they are likely to develop back pain. This is because the two are usually related. I remember a time when I had migraine headaches that my doctor considered. This went on for years until a friend told me it didn’t sound like a migraine, it sounded like I had a neck problem. Of course, when I started going to physical therapy and treating my neck, the headaches disappeared.

The reason many people with neck pain have back pain is because the neck muscles are so stressed that it is bound to affect the back. It is also true that back pain can be the cause of neck pain. So it works both ways.

If you have severe neck or back pain, you must see a doctor. Often, severe pain is the result of a problem that has been building up for some time. Many doctors recommend physical therapy for neck and back pain or chiropractic care.


What can you do?

Sometimes pain cannot be avoided due to an accident or some kind of injury. However, if you have not been injured, there are many things you can do to prevent neck and back pain. The least important of which is maintaining good posture. This means you don’t have to sit slouched in a chair while reading this article. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to sleep on a quality mattress. When I changed the mattress, there was an incredible difference in my pain level. In fact, my pain is pretty much gone with a good mattress.

What can women do?

There are two practical things women can do to prevent neck and back pain. This is to carry a baby bag instead of a purse and to carry your baby or child as close to the middle as possible. What I mean by this is don’t put your baby on one side all the time, try to switch hips or carry him on his stomach so he’s not on one side.

Advice for men

Men can try to lift things properly. Do not bend down and lift with your back, but squat and lift with your legs.

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