Shoes and back pain

Shoes and back pain

Did you know that wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause back pain?

Shoes are the cushions, foundations and levers we use for walking, standing, running, working and so on. Wearing proper, well-fitting shoes will promote healthy posture. On the other hand, if someone is wearing inappropriate shoes, watch your feet and back.

Feet – Shoes and back pain

The feet are the number one target where normal back pain starts. In short, the first thing that hits the ground when you start standing or walking is the ball of your foot, or heel. After the heel hits the surface, the rest of the foot starts to follow, which promotes weight and stress in all parts of the body. Foot problems alone can lead to back pain. Bad posture causes back pain, but this condition is often characterized by inappropriate actions we take.

Fact: Wearing high heels will slowly pull your entire body weight forward, ruining your posture and arching your back. Put your weapons down women, because in time you will feel the pain. High heels are the leading cause of spondylolisthesis. In short, spondylolisthesis is a condition that is caused by a forward slippage of the lower back (lumbar).

shoes with a high heel on the feet

The toes are designed to give us support, but when a person wears high heels, the toes affect the joints, as the toes will narrow, causing weight or pressure on the spine. High heels are sexy for both men and women, but these heels will cost you a fortune in the future. You can look good in supportive shoes that fit comfortably without damaging your ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles, and so on.

Shoes that support our spine can reduce the chances of back pain.

How to choose shoes?

Orthopedic shoes are recommended. Orthotic shoes will support the feet and weight-bearing joints and muscles. Orthotic shoes have been proven to reduce dysfunctions arising from the neurological system. In addition, supportive shoes have been proven to reduce injuries and pain resulting from abnormal conditions.

If you have been diagnosed with a posture condition, such as osteoporosis, or gait, you may benefit from orthopedic shoes.

Fact: Did you know that you can wear two or more Dr. Scholl? Insert the insoles into your shoes before turning them over and achieve a balance that promotes a healthy spine?

orthopedic insole 1

Shoes make a difference to our spine, because the feet themselves when abnormal can lead to back pain. If you don’t wear supportive shoes that allow you to walk comfortably, you may want to invest in orthopedic shoes to relieve back pain.

In addition to shoes, you can perform stretching exercises and practice bending, sitting, and lifting strategies to correct your actions and reduce back pain.

Fact: If the spine is misaligned, it can lead to back pain.

You knew that. In any case, we raise our spine incorrectly, wear inappropriate shoes and lean incorrectly or sit in the wrong position. You can correct the problems by becoming familiar with your condition, after which you will take measures to relieve the pain.

Fact: A proper lift starts from the thighs and buttocks. Millions of people lift by leaning on their backs to support the weight. Back pain occurs.

When lifting heavy objects, avoid long distances. Ideally, you want to avoid bending your knees and extending your torso vertically.

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