Seating pillow ORTO sand RELAX


  • Monitors body ergonomics, gives comfort when sitting
  • It is used as a pillow on all types of chairs: dining, work, school, car… ..
  • It benefits everyone, both lower persons (students), but also the elderly
  • Each chair turns into an ergonomic and comfortable seating area
  • Height (thickness) 5 cm

More detailed description

They are made of thermoactive HQ memory foam, special recipes. This seat adapts perfectly to heat and body weight. In combination with the lumbar (semi) roller, it perfectly supports the spine and ensures its correct sitting position.

Seat characteristics:

  • designed to support office chairs and cars
  • the unique design of the seat allows the seat to be constantly adjusted to the movements during the day
  • ideal for pupils and students when learning and working on a computer
  • intended for all people who spend a lot of time sitting
  • one can sit for much longer
  • provide microcirculation of blood and lymph from the pelvis to the leg
  • no tingling in the legs, no tingling, no pressure on the pelvic and occipital bones
  • have anti decubital properties for wheelchairs, seat cushions provide the necessary relief of pressure
  • of great help to pregnant women, mothers and menstrual cramps

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